MYCRANE adds new crane types to enter short-term rental market



MYCRANE, the Dubai-based digital disruptor for the cranes and construction space, has added four new types of lifting device to its innovative online crane rental platform.

The introduction of boom trucks, hydraulic gantry systems, mini cranes and aerial platforms to the site marks the company’s entry into the short-term rental market and will see MYCRANE provide business-to-consumer (B2C) service for the first time.

According to MYCRANE founder and CEO Andrei Geikalo, a former commercial director at global engineering and heavy lift specialist Mammoet, the latest additions to the free-to-use platform are aligned with the company’s strategic plan.

“From the start of our operations in mid-2021, feedback from customers has consistently been that we should add all types of cranes to the MYCRANE platform. The latest additions to our site bring this goal a step closer, and allow us to offer more value to our customers with a one-stop solution.

“When business or consumer clients use MYCRANE to compare the offers of crane rental companies easily and quickly, they will now find a much larger selection of machines available for hire. We plan to add all remaining lifting-related equipment to the MYCRANE platform by the end of 2022.”

MYCRANE has pioneered a free-to-use, digital crane rental service, allowing users to post their lifting requirements free of charge online. Crane rental companies then respond directly with their commercial offers, eliminating the need for customers to make multiple offline requests and allowing them to save time.

The service is already operational in a number of key global markets, including the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

In those countries, franchise holders are responsible for registering local crane rental companies on the platform, then marketing it to a diverse customer base including construction companies, freight forwarders, oil and gas and other energy clients.

Other MYCRANE services include a free crane Selector tool to help identify the right crane, advice for engineering, project management and support, and a Marketplace where equipment, rigging equipment, spare parts, auxiliaries and industry vacancies can be posted.