Scandiuzzi selects Terex from Tecno-Gru



Italian company Scandiuzzi Steel Constructions has just completed the purchase of two Terex TRT 80 cranes, via Italian dealer Tecno-Gru srl.

The new TRT 80s will be used by Scandiuzzi Steel Constructions for the internal handling of large steel components, assembly and erection within the port area, lifting and assembly at construction sites and general yard logistics including loading and unloading equipment and materials.

Andrea Pavoni, sales director of Tecno-Gru said: "Tecno-Gru srl is proud and honoured to have sold to Scandiuzzi Steel Construction these two new Terex TRT80 cranes, crowning a relationship that has been going on for years with the prestigious company from Treviso, a national and international reference point in the metal construction and Oil & Gas market.”

Scandiuzzi cited the reasons for selecting the TRT80 cranes: “The cranes needed to be able to handle rough, uneven and unstable terrain if brought onto an external job site. It was important that the reach and capacity of the crane was excellent whilst also being a compact machine. The TRT 80 is a compact rough terrain crane that has a maximum capacity of 80 t, a max main boom length of 42.1m and max tip height of 45.0m making it the perfect choice for the needs of Scandiuzzi in this particular case.”

Scandiuzzi recently completed a project at the port of Genoa, where they built a 20x90m base platform that can be submerged into the basin, which, with the help of a winch mechanism, lifts yachts and other craft for maintenance, wintering and other services.