MYCRANE momentum continues with USA launch



A milestone in MYCRANE’s global expansion has been achieved with the launch of its own operation in the USA. Houston-based Scott Wilkes has been appointed as Director of Business Development, reporting directly to the senior management team in the United Arab Emirates.

Reflecting the importance and size of the market, MYCRANE has elected to establish its own operations in the USA, rather than appoint a franchisee to roll out its services, as it has done in other locations.

The Dubai-based digital disruptor launched the world’s first online crane rental platform in autumn 2021, and offers a suite of other innovative digital tools and services to help all those in the construction industry.

Pointing to encouraging recent legislation such as the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 and the largest infrastructure bill for more than a decade, MYCRANE founder and CEO Andrei Geikalo said the time was right for MYCRANE’s expansion into the USA.

“According to reports, the construction industry in the USA is expected to have expanded by 4.5% in real terms in 2022, supported by investments in transport, renewable energy, water, and housing projects. One of the biggest markets for construction spend and a leader in digitalization, the USA is a territory where MYCRANE simply has to be present.

“Against that backdrop, the timing of MYCRANE’s launch is perfect to help all those working in cranes and construction – whether you want to hire a crane, buy or sell equipment, find a new job or identify the right crane for your next lift, we do it all.”

December’s USA launch also marks the introduction of “MYCRANE Agents” – a flexible partnership programme for well-connected independent sales professionals, located anywhere in the world, who can contribute to MYCRANE’s success.

Independent professionals who have customer connections, such as those working in construction, oil and gas, petrochemical, energy, mining and other industries where cranes are being used, are invited to help to market MYCRANE’s services and products to their professional network, on mutually-beneficial terms.

“We recognise that the crane industry is a people business and we welcome those who share our vision of a digital future to join us as a partner, so we can benefit from the digitalization of the industry together,” concluded Geikalo.

To sign up or learn more about the benefits of MYCRANE Agents, contact: To find out how MYCRANE can help you in the USA, email: