Tadano launches the first of its new crane family



Tadano has launched its new all terrain taxi crane - the first in a series to be rolled out as part of the new ‘Tadano AC’ family.

The launch for the Tadano AC 2.040-1 is a world first in two ways: It is the first all terrain crane to be developed jointly by Tadano’s Lauf and Zweibrücken locations in Germany. Secondly, the AC 2.040-1 is the very first member of the future AC family.

Following the completion of the brand merger, all Tadano Group cranes will be sold under the Tadano brand name. The company plans to release 15 new models in the next few years, and all will feature a standardised crane control system, cab, and technologies, developed jointly by Lauf and Zweibrücken.

All terrain crane product line VP Dr. Frank Schröder said: “This market launch is really special for us – after all, the new AC 2.040-1 is the first crane to combine the best of our two worlds with the know-how fr om Zweibrücken and Lauf.”

The AC 2.040-1 features Tadano’s IC 1 Plus control system with automatic counterweight detection, a capacity radar, and a work area display. The system determines the crane’s lifting capacity for every boom position as a function of the superstructure’s slewing angle. This enables the AC 2.040-1 to make use of the maximum available lifting capacity with any outrigger configuration, including asymmetrical ones. This is maximized when combined with the Flex Base system, which makes it possible to extend the outriggers to any point within their range. The crane also features the Tadano Surround View camera system, which shows both the maximum possible extension lengths for the outriggers and the counterweight tail swing radius.

The AC 2.040-1 also comes with the IC 1 Remote telematics solution, which shows both the location of the AC 2.040-1 and all its operating information on the monitor. It can also be used to read error codes so that service team members can read the corresponding data “remotely” and run fault analyses to diagnose and fix problems.

The ESTA-award-winning E-Pack with its 32-kW electric motor is also optionally available and enables the AC 2.040-1 to work quietly and with zero emissions. This makes the two-axle crane the third Tadano AC to be compatible with the E-Pack, with the two others being the AC 3.045-1 City and the AC 4.080-1.

The AC 2.040-1 can carry up to 1.1 tonnes of counterweight while staying under an axle load lim it of twelve tonnes. The 310-hp (231-kW) diesel engine offers large power reserves that provide both low fuel consumption and a long drive train service life, and its EU Stage V classification means it fulfils the latest emission standards.

With a fully extended boom length of 35.2 meters at a radius of eight meters, it can lift loads of up to 7.6 tonnes, the hydraulic boom makes it possible to take care of heavy lifts involving loads of up to 31.9 tonnes without requiring any additional sheaves. “This enables the AC 2.040-1 to take care of a very broad range of lifts without carrying out time-consuming setup changes, making it both a fast and versatile machine,” added Dr. Frank Schröder.