World’s largest Leg Encircling crane is installed on offshore jack-up



Jan De Nul’s offshore jack-up installation vessel Voltaire has been fitted with a main crane of more than 3,000 tonnes, making it the largest Leg Encircling crane ever built.

The new vessel has been developed to install offshore wind turbines over 270 metres high and with blades 120 metres long.

It is specifically designed to transport, hoist and install offshore wind turbines, transition pieces and foundations and has been fitted with a crane house weighing 1800 tonnes and has a boom length of 140 metres, weighing 800 tonnes.

The crane will use a fully automated Universal Quick Connector (UQC) to pick loads without manual handling.

The legs, enabling the Voltaire to lift itself above the water surface, are currently being mounted on board at the shipyard in China, until they reach their full 131.5 metres.

Jan De Nul is equipping its new generation vessels with a double exhaust gas filter system that removes up to 99% of nanoparticles from emissions.