Böcker AHK 36e: First battery operated trailer crane with 230 V charging technology



Böcker is preparing to showcase its new battery-operated trailer crane with 230V charging technology.

The AHK 36e will be the first trailer crane on the market to be charged at any conventional 230 V household socket, allowing the crane to be set up and operated anywhere, and will be presented at the company’s headquarters in Werne on April 1 and 2.

The power consumption of the AHK 36e is optimised to require significantly less energy than comparable cranes with combustion engines. The high battery capacity permits more than three hours of operation or eight standard working cycles without an external power supply.

The modern lithium-ion battery technology allows the AHK 36e to be operated permanently in plug-in mode without any loss of capacity. In stand-by mode, the battery can be charged from 20 % to 80 % in less than one hour. During operation, the crane is charged at a high speed, guaranteeing a constant battery charge level with all crane functions continuing smoothly.

To minimize energy consumption, a sustainable stop-and-go automatic system limits power consumption and activates the electric motor only when necessary. The low power draw maintains the battery charge level and extends the operation time without an external power supply.

With an 8 kW electric motor, it lifts up to 2,400 kg with low emissions and low noise, and reaches extension lengths of up to 36m with a GVW of only 3.5 tonnes It is equipped with foldable swivelling outriggers, auto levelling, rotation and erection angle limitation of the mast package, and go-home function. The Easy-Lock system allows converting the new battery-operated trailer crane into a work platform in no time at all. The crane can as well be used for fall protection in the personal security mode.

Böcker will present the AHK 36e, and an overview of the entire range of the Böcker height access technology, at the 360° Height Days on April 1 and 2 at the company headquarters in Werne. The new trailer crane will also be on display at Vertikal Days in May, the DACH+HOLZ International in July, and Bauma in October.