Brand new Böcker for Staffordshire Crane Hire Ltd



UK rental company Staffordshire Crane Hire Ltd has taken delivery of an AK 46/6000 crane.

The AK 46/6000 truck crane joins a fleet which includes an AK 32/2000, an AK 35/3000, and an AK 44/4000. The AK 46/6000 features an extension length of 44m plus a two-meter manual extension for a maximum length of 46m. It can handle its maximum 6,000kg payload at a radius of 8m, or 1,000kg at 26m and 250kg at 39m.

Among other features the ‘46’ model truck crane comes with a fully hydraulically extendible jib, wireless colour remote control, and automatic levelling. As with all Böcker truck-mounted cranes, the positioning of every individual outrigger is fully variable. Mounted on a 26t carrier, the steering axle makes the crane extremely manoeuvrable.

Andrew Laverie, managing director of Staffordshire Crane Hire Ltd, said: “Having already built the business on a foundation of Bӧcker cranes, the logical next step for us was to expand our fleet with the incredibly versatile AK 46/6000. We’re excited to get to work with this powerful machine, which is going to help us continue our development and open up new avenues for us as a business. Having a fleet of lightweight and resilient machines alongside our All-Terrain options allows us to make continuous strides, both in terms of growth and availability.”