228m custom boom for Mexico’s DOS BOCAS refinery tower



Mexican crane and heavy haulage contractor ESEASA has expanded its crane fleet with seven new Liebherr LRTs.

The cranes - five LRT 1090-2.1 cranes and two LRT 1100-2.1 models - will primarily be used in the new DOS BOCAS refinery in the Southern Gulf of Mexico, where the company has been contracted to erect a 178m tower. For this, ESEASA has ordered a retrofit for its LR 11350, which allows the boom to be extended to 228 metres.

Aldo Santos, operations director at ESEASA said: “The technology and easy operation of Liebherr cranes are key for our company. The versatility of LRT cranes makes them the perfect choice for our jobs.”

The cranes will undertake their first jobs in the new DOS BOCAS refinery and in the erection of oil platforms for the ESEASA offshore division. 

Speaking about the retrofit to the LR 11350 Santos added: “The combination of our 114 metre main boom with a luffing jib extended from 84 to 114 metres will enable us to assemble a complete boom with a length of 228 metres. We intend to use this to erect a 178 metre tower at the DOS BOCAS refinery.”