Liebherr launches new Flat Top crane



Liebherr has added a new Flat Top crane to its EC-B series, called the 470 EC-B.

The new addition is the largest crane in Liebherr’s “Tough Ones” series and is capable of lifting up to 16 and 20 tonnes. The flagship crane with intelligent assistance systems offers a jib length of 80 metres. This reach can be increased to 83 metres by means of a jib extension. At a jib length of 80 metres, the 16-tonne version of the 470 EC-B has a jib head load capacity of up to 3,200 kilograms; the 20-tonne version impresses with a jib head load capacity of up to 3,000 kilograms. The jib can be divided into two-and-a-half metre sections so that it can be perfectly adapted to meet a variety of operational requirements.

The jib and counter-jib can be attached to the slewing platform easily, conveniently and only five trucks are needed to transport the slewing part with jib, including counter-ballast, to the construction site.

The 470 EC-B features a connection for both 24 HC 420 and 24 HC 630 tower systems. When utilised with the 24 HC 420 tower system, freestanding hook heights of up to 67.8 metres can be achieved. The maximum freestanding hook height of up to 96 metres is achieved with the 24 HC 630 system.

The top-slewing crane is available with one of three versions of LiCAB crane operator’s cab: LiCAB Basic, LiCAB Air or LiCAB AirPlus. All three offer a floor space of more than two square metres, an unrestricted view for precision lifting and an ergonomic control stand.

Also included in the cab is the newly developed twelve-inch display screen. The Tower Crane Operating System (TC-OS) provides crane operators and assembly engineers with specific menus, an extensive choice of languages and user-friendly units of measurement. The intention is that every user should be able to find the parameters relevant to their work without difficulty. Users navigate their way through the streamlined menu structure via touchscreen. To maintain an overview during crane operation or scaling, display masks can be combined in various ways.