Magis S.r.l. widens its possibilities with new mobile crane



Italian crane and heavy haulage contractor Magis S.r.l. has taken delivery of a new LTM 1750-9.1 mobile crane.

The new crane has become the most powerful in the Magis fleet and was selected on the principals of crane technology, safety and sustainability.

Andrea Caroppi, technical and commercial director and member of the board of directors at Magis S.r.l. said: “The reasons for the investment in such an important vehicle are very wide-ranging and varied. The new crane expands the capacity of our portfolio. As for all the other new machines in our fleet, the decision was made to purchase from Liebherr because the company stands for technical reliability, performance, innovation and an eye for detail.”

Over the last four years the crane and heavy haulage contractor has been renewing its fleet in stages. The important feature in this process was that the new machines must include the latest developments in safety and sustainability and also be able to meet current reliability and competitiveness standards.

“At the end of all our deliberations, we decided on a Liebherr telescopic mobile crane, which delivers a high level of mobility as well as short set-up times whilst also being powerful in its various configurations”, added Andrea Caroppi. Another criterion in deciding on the LTM 1750-9.1 was its great flexibility for operating in all sectors.

The planned range of uses for the new LTM 1750-9.1 at Magis is varied. The potential areas of work include both new construction and demolition of plant and structures in the industrial sector, for example steelworks, chemical and petrochemical plants and prefabricated components, as well as the erection and maintenance of wind farms. “We believe that a crane of this type and capacity will enable us to complete hoisting work which has previously been beyond us, for example for the erection of wind turbines,” continued Andrea Caroppi.

Magis S.r.l. based in Taranto in southern Italy, has 18 employees. The ISO-certified company has been active with mobile cranes and many other industrial sectors for almost 40 years. Its work includes the installation and maintenance of wind farms, the erection and removal of metal structures, bridges, road and railway viaducts. Its portfolio also includes the assembly of prefabricated houses and the demolition and renovation of steel plants as well as work on cement plants, chemical and petrochemical plants and refineries. Magis’ core national and international business is the completion of large hoists, crane and lifting platform rental as well as special and heavy haulage services.