Mammoet launches wind turbine innovation challenge



Mammoet and Offshore Wind Innovators, in cooperation with TKI Wind op Zee, are launching an Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge. 

The 5th Innovation Challenge will focus on finding solutions for transferring and lifting components to floating and fixed-bottom offshore wind turbines. 

As the need for floating wind farms increases, new questions arise as to how to maintain such novel constructions. In addition, conventional wind turbines are getting bigger and are being built in large quantities. Therefore, the intensity and complexity of maintenance is set to increase. 

Mammoet is looking for possible solutions to overcome the use of large floating installation vessels. The challenge can be split into three sub-sections: (1) How to position the barge, ship, or vessel close to the wind turbine foundation, floater, or tower, (2) how to transfer the components required for maintenance from a barge, ship or vessel onto the wind turbine structure, or floating foundation and (3) how to lift the components towards the nacelle.

From November 10th, 2021, until January 7th, 2022, SME entrepreneurs are being asked to apply for this challenge, ready to present their idea, or proven solution, during the Pitch & Ask session in January. 

Thereafter, until April 2nd, companies will have the opportunity to optimise their solutions, receiving feedback and collaborating with Mammoet and TKI Wind op Zee during an organised Bootcamp in April.  

The finalists will be invited to pitch their developed concept to a broad audience during the Innovation Challenge Finals in May 2022.

For more information and to enter this challenge visit: