Wolffkran launches first trolley jib crane in the 800-metre-tonne range



Wolffkran has launched its first trolley jib crane in the 800-metre-tonne range.

The Wolff 8076 Compact has a maximum jib radius of 80 meters and has been developed to satisfy the need for higher capacity cranes to lift prefabricated parts.

Wouter van Loon, product manager, explained: "We wanted to design a large yet economical crane and get the maximum capacity out of the steel structure. That's why we opted for a low-top design, which we call Compact."

Despite a tower top, around 10 meters lower than that of a Wolff Cross model, the Wolff 8076 Compact offers a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tonnes and a tip load capacity of 8.4 tonnes at 80 meters.

"And that as a pure 2-fall crane, making the Wolff 8076 Compact not only the strongest saddle jib crane in our range but also best-in-class compared to its competitors," added van Loon.

Also new is the 4-chord design of the first three jib sections instead of the usual 3-chord design. “This allowed us to optimize the transfer of forces along the jib and reduce individual components weights, resulting in around 40% higher lifting capacity than with the 3-chord design,” explained van Loon.

The Wolff 8076 Compact connects to the 2.9 x 2.9 meter TV 29 tower system. Combined with the next-largest Wolff TV 33 tower system, a freestanding height of up 100 meters can be achieved – a time-saving and economical solution for high-rise buildings or bridge projects where tie-ins are not possible. The132-kW HW 40132 FU hoist winch allows for operating speeds of up to 95 m/min, ensuring fast turnaround times even at great tower heights. Even the maximum load of 40 tonnes is still lifted at 17 m/min.

The jib of the Wolff 8076 Compact can be extended fr om 30 to 80 meters in 5-meter increments. A hoist rope support on the jib reduces rope slack from 10 to only 1.5 meters, lowering the risk of another crane getting caught in the hoist rope when slewing. The counter jib can also be shortened from 30.3 to 22.3 meters, depending on the maximum jib radius. In combination with its compact tower top, the new XXL crane is therefore also well suited for construction sites wh ere cranes operate close to one another, and the overall crane concept has to be kept low.

The standard feature package includes electronic overload protection with Wolff Boost, an anti-collision interface, fine drive modes, automatic power optimization of the trolley and hoisting gear, and the Wolff Link remote maintenance system with a real-time view of the crane display.

Wolffkran is evaluating a heavier lift version of this model, as well as one with a longer reach.