Today in the column "Crane Manufacturers" we would like to say a few words about "Ivanovets", the brainchild of Russia's largest and oldest motorized crane manufacturer

It all started more than 70 years ago. In 1950 the construction of the plant began, and in 1954 the company produced its first crane. It was a five-ton crane K-51 modelled on the MAZ-200 truck. Over the next four years the company began to produce cranes for export, and since 1960 the company has fulfilled orders for the Ministry of Defense

Those were formative years for the plant, establishing it as the leading manufacturer of mobile cranes in the country. To this day it still offers affordable prices, inexpensive service and ease of operation, which not only allows the plant to stay afloat, but also to develop and grow

Due to its expansion in the 60's, the plant began to manufacture hydraulic cranes with a telescopic boom, and by the 90's manufacturing rates only increased. But after the collapse of the USSR, the plant was on the verge of bankruptcy. Thanks to the leading experts of the industry and a strong design department, the cranes are not inferior to foreign counterparts and remain in demand

At the end of the 90s the first 50-ton trucks with enhanced cross-country ability were produced, and the company’s economic situation gradually stabilized. In 2004 the first "Ivanovets" with a lifting capacity of 100 tons was shown at the International Exhibition of Special Machinery.

In summary, this country can rightfully be proud of the cranes produced by the Ivanovo Machine-Building Plant "AUTOKRAN". Have you ever had to deal with Ivanov cranes in your work?