The height of a tower crane is variable. It's no secret and certainly not a miracle, but just a workflow that is triggered when the crane needs to be extended. This is done by installing additional sections. Naturally, you must first develop an appropriate project and have it approved by Rostekhnadzor

How is this done?

Immediately note that increasing the height of the structure increases the risk of toppling the crane. Only professional installers can perform the extension, which can be done several ways:

With the help of an extension case. A telescopic extension case of hydraulic type is fixed to the installed and fixed sections. With the help of special mechanisms, the section inside is pulled out and the new construction is inserted in the vacant place, with the telescopic extension standing upwards.

At one time it is possible to increase the height of the construction by up to 3 meters. The method is very convenient due to its speed, as the downtime of equipment operation is negligible

Using third-party equipment.  The method is identical to the first one. But the installation of new sections is carried out with the help of additional equipment.

With the use of other cranes. Dismantle the boom and the boom counterbalance weight, install additional modules, return the boom and beam to their place

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