Truck Crane or Crawler


What type of crane do you need?

Mobile cranes are very useful equipment and therefore we would like to share a few words to help you to decide what kind of crane you need to order in your case

Let's talk about wheeled and crawler cranes, and here is a little clarification right away - not all wheeled models can be classified as truck cranes. Wheeled truck cranes are boom-type cranes mounted on a truck.

The main advantage of wheeled cranes is the high mobility of the equipment, which allows the crane itself to travel to the required work location. In terms of lifting capacity, you can find cranes of different classes. If we are talking about urban construction or repair work, it is enough to use cranes of small (up to 14.5 tons) or medium (20-50 tons) lifting capacity

 Much depends on the chassis on which the crane is mounted. However, given the high cross-country capability of these machines, they often can be used in places where the conditions for moving equipment are quite poor, e.g. driving down unpaved roads through the woods to build a house.

Crawler cranes move around the site slowly and are not allowed to travel on municipal roads. Therefore, they are delivered to the site by special vehicles, mostly in disassembled form. On site, the crane can be assembled simply using truck cranes.

Truck cranes, on the other hand, are fixed permanently at the site with a special platform underneath, while crawlers can drive to the right location, sometimes even with a load. And because of the large mass of the crawler crane a special platform is built, minimally comprising crushed stone and sand, and ideally reinforced with concrete slabs.

In short, before choosing your crane, make sure you know your tasks and location. While both crane types are good, the wheeled one is cheaper. The drawback here is that you can only operate it in the boom outreach area. The crawler will have to be brought and assembled, but is mobile once assembled.

It's easy to get confused and miss an important point, so the best option is to Contact Us: and we'll solve your problem together, regardless of how “heavy” it is!