Marchetti launches electric versions of the Sherpina crawler crane



Marchetti has launched two electric versions of its 25 tons CW25.35 Sherpina telescopic crawler crane.

The hybrid version, with battery, has a small Stage 5 diesel engine, which serves only to charge the batteries when it is not possible to connect to the mains to recharge them. In this version the CW25.35 is always driven by an electric motor.

The second version is equipped with the standard Stage 5 129 Kw diesel engine. It can work exactly like the previous versions, but it can also work by means of an electric motor connected to the mains electricity supply (400V AC, three-phase). This version does not have a battery, and is designed primarily for use with a mains power source, although it is possible to revert to diesel power, with stage 5 emissions standards, when mains supply is not accessible.

The Sherpina is designed for working in restricted areas. It has almost no tail swing radius and a virtual wall system built in to the LMI, to prevent from booming up or out, or swinging into obstacles. It has a 25m full power boom with an option of a fly jib that can work up to 40 degrees offset.